I hope you will find something of interest in my classic camera collection. The collection comprises mainly of cameras of German manufacture but also includes several from other countries. The cameras are a mix of 35 mm and medium format types both rigid and folding, and date from pre 1920 until the 60's.
For each camera shown, I have attempted to give, as far as possible an accurate technical description, supported by various general view photographs of the cameras, together with photographs illustrating a particularly interesting feature or control. The technical descriptions are derived from my own notes based on personal use and experience with the cameras augmented by previously published material which is now out of print; in particular the very detailed series of "Cameras The Facts" by W D Emanuel and published by the Focal Press in the late 1950s.

Cameras are, of course, meant for taking pictures and a technical description is only one aspect of the instrument's properties. All of the cameras illustrated here are presently, or shortly will be, in use and most have their associated photo gallery where you can view photographs taken with the actual camera. I make no pretensions about expertise in photography. The photographs shown are of subjects of interest to me and are I hope, if nothing else, accurate statements of each camera's ability as an image recording instrument. Each camera image depicted was produced by scanning the original negative or positive using an Epson Perfection scanner at maximum optical resolution (no software enhancement) and then optimising colour balance and size etc. to make them suitable for web viewing.

My own interest in photography started when I was about 12 years old. I discovered my father's No 116 Box Brownie amongst some discarded household effects. At that time a had a passionate interest in steam locomotives and decided to try my hand at photographing the various arrivals at the local railway station. Encouraged by early success I extended my interest into general photography, and thus began a lifelong fascination with the gadgetry of photography. My first serious camera was a Voigtlander Vito IIa given to me as a fourteenth birthday present by my late father. I still have and use this camera and I suppose it is and will remain my favourite, but regrettably I no longer have the Box Brownie.

Where possible I have included some information regarding the history and development of each camera, and whilst this information is rather sparse at the present, I hope to amplify this important aspect as a continuing research exercise. If you have any questions regarding the cameras shown here, then please do ask and I will do my best to give you what information I have. Please also be aware that this web site is under continuous development and improvement. I apologise if a particular feature is presently unavailable, but please do visit again as I am continually updating the pages.

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